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A little about me

Hello, i am Arjun Prasad Sarkhel. I completed my Bachelors of Computer Applications from Institute of Engineering & Management Calcutta, India. I love listening to music, exploring new technologies(which always fascinates me), editing videos, create and play games. I am both a team player i.e i love working with different people as it opens up a window of opportunity and also can work as an individual which helps me to test my already acquired skills and helps me to learn more!! Thank you for reading and Hope you have a wonderful day.

The fields which i have worked for people!

Video Editing

I love to edit videos in my leisure time. I can do mostly all sort of editing which ranges from basic cut and stitching videos to editing gameplay footages which includes various transitions, hyper-zoom, syncing the music with the gameplay etc., to edit i love using the older version of Sony Vegas Pro which is the 14th edition.

Web Developement

Recently i have been into web-developement and still i'm a learner and everyday i'm learning something new. So far i have worked with the front-end part only which includes Html, Css, Bootstrap, Javascript. The most interesting part of web-developement is that it takes years of practice and experience to be a proper Web Developer.

Gaming and Game-Dev

One of the best things i love to do in my free time is gaming and also making small fun games. I have made a couple of small games such as 2player tic-tac-toe, a backtracking sudoku solver with GUI, an endless runner ball game etc. I believe gaming itself is a stress-buster and as with other hobbies should not be an addiction. It helps you to connect with different people from all over the world and make new friends!!

Video Editing

This is one of the things i love to do, i can spend hours and it would feel like minutes!! I have done a couple of gigs in video editing from making simple cuts and stiching a video together to making montages of gaming. The most interesting work that i have done was to make an comic sketch like advertisement for a local pub for their new years offer. I have also made a tutorial about the very basics of video editing, you can check it out if you have no idea how to start!!

Basics of video editing
Web Developement

Web Developement takes years and years of skill to master. Although i'm quite new to it, i have worked on couple of projects(front-end) which i will be talking about. Every startup needs a landing page, i can create the landing page you desire along with a newsletter and a sign-up form plus can host it on cloud. I can make the portfolio you want for you land the internship or the job you want, a blog page. One of the most recent project i'm working on is a landing page of a site which will help in various image and video processing tasks called Project Vid-Net. You can check it out from below (please note that it's a work in progess and is not finished).

Project Vid-Net
Gaming and Game-Developement

One of the most favourite past-time hobby of mine is gaming and not only gaming but also making games. I had worked on many small games which are very simple but fun to play ranging from 2player tic-tac-toe to an automatic backtracking sudoku solver which can solve any board of any difficulty you throw at it. That being said, in gaming I am an admin/staff of one of India's Biggest Community Server in Counter-Strike. In india gaming is still in it's early stage and it's going to be huge in the coming years.

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Recent Porojects

Sudoku Auto-Solver

With the help of python and backtracking algorithm, it can solve a sudoku board of any difficulty within minutes and also comes along with GUI which also inlcudes a timer.

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Project Vid-Net

A landing page of an upcoming project which will use Machine-Learning and Deep Learning models to make various images and video related tasks. It's a work in progress still.

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An online-exam bot

This was a project made by me and one of my friend(uses api, Machine-Learning, Deep-Learning, to automate the daily assesments for our college and also to choose the correct answer.

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Reddit Karma bot

In reddit there is a thing called Karma which is gamification techniques used to engage users, made this bot Using PRAW reddt api and deployed this on cloud.

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A photography portfolio

Made this fully responsive photography portfolio site by using Html, css, bootstrap, javascript also using ajax & javascript for the contact form & hosted it on heroku.

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Professional Portfolio

Made this fully responsive CV type portfolio website used css animations also includes a fully working contact form & hosted it on heroku.

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Whatsapp Message Bot

A whatsapp message bot, which can be used to send messages from regular to even movie-scripts!! Made with selenium & pyautogui.

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Udemy Course Bot

A bot which scrapes coupon code(i.e offers & free courses) & enrolls you in those courses. Made with selenium & also using anticaptcha api.

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Business Dev Portfolio

Made this fully responsive landing page & a bussiness dev portfolio website using html, css, js along with a contact form& hosted it on heroku.

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Landing page for SMMA

A fully working and responsive landing page made with html, css & javascript with a working contact form and hosted it via cpanel on a dns.

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Instagram Bot for Followers

A bot which will get you organic and steadily increase your followers, i.e it will like the images of the followers of followers and is fully customizable.

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Pet Store

A fully responsive pet store with galleries of pups, with an email-integrated working contact form, site made with Html, Css, Js and fully responsive.

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Pet Salon and Grooming

A fully responsive Pet Salon and Pet Grooming services site, with a list of services plus along with a working contact form, site made uisng Html, css, Js.

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Product Availaible

  • Instagram Bot
  • A bot which will help you to naturally grow your instagram account.

  • 15$ Lifetime
  • Working with the latest version
  • Assistance to set-up the bot
  • Regular updates
  • Fully customizable bot(i.e can set the number of followers to scrap)
  • Works with 2FA
  • Contact Me

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